The Come In Colors

Status: Pre Production
Release Date: 2021

The story of a Young woman named Ashley who overcomes her struggles with anxiety.

Ashley’s journey helped her rebuild her relationships and self-compassion. She dedicated her artwork to spreading awareness of her story, as well as others that suffer from mental disorders.

I’ll See You Soon

Status: Production
Release Date: 2020

The story of two best friends who overcome adversities during Co-Vid 19.

I’ll See you soon is the story about a young man named Alex who falls in love with his best friend Nina. Before telling Nina his true feeling, she moves to California to pursue her dreams. Unfortunately for her, it’s during a serious pandemic. She and Alex try to communicate via zoom; however, they face major obstacles along the way. Will Alex get the opportunity to tell her how he truly feels?


Status: Pre Production
Release Date: 2021

The story of a young man named Joel Lopez who shares his journey living with Schizophrenia.
Throughout this documentary, Joel shares his treatment process, while his family share how inspirational he has been in their lives.