The Story

A recovering painter prepares for her important exhibition until she gets a voicemail from someone in her traumatic past. She decides to change her life around and receive treatment.

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About mental awareness and anxiety disorders.


Individuals experiencing symptoms to seek help.


Families or friends understand how to help someone who has anxiety.


The process, one might take and treatment options for alleviating the struggles of anxiety.


Experience the reality of anxiety through the story of one woman’s journey.

Meet Ashley

Living in Los Angeles, Ashley is a young painter who suffers from debilitating anxiety. After a traumatic split from her mother, Ashley sees how her separation anxiety is affecting her relationships and her work. Desperate to get better, she reaches out to her Psychiatrist, Dr. Sheridan, who introduces her to Art Therapy. This not only helps Ashley when she finds it difficult to breathe, but it inspires her to want to share her story with others.

Dr. Sheridan

While in an elevator, Dr. Sheridan encounters his first client Ashley having a panic attack. After five years of therapy, the doctor has been able to help Ashley using therapeutic methods and medication. He also helps her discover a passion for painting, which has seen her through many difficult moments.


A single mother who never planned on children, Claudia desires an escape from her routine to have a dating life. Wanting to separate from her mother’s alcohol addiction, Ashley decides to leave and tells her mother to stop contacting her. After being fired from her job as a teacher, Claudia attends AA meetings and focuses on self-recovery. Now five years have passed and overwhelmed with emotions Claudia attempts to reconnect with her daughter.

Young Ashley

We meet young Ashley in a flashback to better understand her trauma.


(Inspiration behind the film)

Hannah’s story of living with anxiety and how she used her artwork to help others is what inspired the concept of They Come in Colors. Although not true to the character Ashley’s story, Hannah’s anxiety derived from her family dynamic. With one parent, Hannah felt anxious when her mother was out and thought that she was in danger. This later turned into a fierce need to protect her boyfriend instead, straining her relationship with him and his family. This anxiety worsened whenever he would go on trips or would be far away. She eventually began weekly therapy and medication. This helped her rebuild her relationships and self-compassion. She dedicates her artwork to spreading awareness of her story, as well as others that suffer from mental disorders.

Brianna Fernandez


Brianna Fernandez is a NY/ LA based Sag- Aftra Actress, Producer, Screen Writer, Voice-over Artist, and Activist. She is known for being Gabriela in the Emmy Award-winning series We Speak NYC, which depicts the lives of working-class immigrants who come from all over the world to make NYC their home. Brianna is currently the Producer of the Latin Babbler Show, a comedy podcast that entertains its listeners with humorous accounts of entertainment, world events, and lifestyle. She is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts Class of 2017 where she learned the Meisner and Uta Hagen Method. A Bachelor’s in Psychology at Pennsylvania State University, her passion for Psychology and Mental Health Awareness is what inspired her to produce films with Latin Media Group on topics such as culture, mental health awareness, and helping others.

Rafael Fernandez Jr

Executive Producer/CEO of Latin Media Group

Rafael Fernandez Jr is also known as the “The Latin Babbler” Is a New Jersey Born Puerto Rican/Dominican who is passionate about bringing cultural and mental health awareness to the forefront.  His goal is to break down stigmas and open doors to the uncomfortable conversations that have held back communities from progressing in different aspects of life.  Rafael is also a Senior Front End Developer, Entrepreneur, and Podcast Host.

Stefany Rojo


Stefany Rojo is a Peruvian award-winning director/ graduate of UCLA. She is most notably known for directing films that focus on mental health awareness: specifically, Anxiety Disorders. She is also passionate about films that focus on strong woman. Stefany is excited to direct this film, because it is extremely personal to her story. She hopes to use this film to help others who also struggle with Anxiety. Recent Awards include: Best Director in the Latino Film Festival, Luminous Frames Festival, and the Indie Short fest for the music video: Distancia.

Chris Murray

Director of Cinematography

Chris Murray is an American filmmaker and cinematographer. His works range from narrative fiction films to non-fiction documentaries, action sports, music videos, commercial spots, and more. Murray is recently just coming off the feature film Big Killshot in Santa Fe, NM starring Lou Diamond Phillips and Danny Trejo.

Our Passionate Team

Gabriel Tejeda- Benitez

First Assistance Director

Brendan Grant

Camera and Electrical Department

Justin Williams

First Assistant Camera

Frankie Galvez


Quynh Le


Diego Freels-Gudiel

Set Designer

Lisa Heitman

Make Up Artist

Rodrigo Afonso Dornelles


Anna Born-Koukouli


Jacobo Poole


Tyler Dengfx


With COVID affecting the lives of many, we hope to use this film to break the stigma about mental health and to provide avenues to coping in these tough times.